Monday, September 28, 2009

What do I love? LEGGINGS! ♥

LEGGINGS, I have neglected you for so long. I hope you find it in your (sheer) hearts to forgive me.

My my my! Leggings have been in the racks for a VERY VERY VERY long time and it took me so much time to realize that they, in fact, look very good on a skinny body! I KNOW RIGHT?! So sue me.

I used to pride myself for having well-shaped legs due to years of dancing and table tennis so I love wearing shorts of all kinds. And those tight low rise jeans, THEY'RE MY TRUE LOVE. Although I'd love an additional inch or two for my legs, I was very proud of them. But I guess I spent too much time and money on all the other more "solid" bottoms and never paid attention to leggings..until now.

I only own two pairs of leggings, black and brown, and I use them for "cover up" when I'm wearing a long blouse. They kind of doubled as stockings. I used to think they were very tacky. I only wore them to show off my trench-like dresses but I never knew they'd look very good on me until one day I experimented and wore leggings with a cute short dress, flats, and a trendy bag. I looked divine. (Sorry, no pics. :p After all, this is an apology letter for leggings and not a camwhoring with an excuse.)

Come to think of it, leggings actually go well with skirts, shorts, short dresses, frilly tops, coats and so much more! Of course you already know that. Forgive the gushing. Ijustcan'thelpit!

So anyway, it might be a little late but it's still in the way you carry your outfit. There IS such a thing as fashionably late, isn't there?

♥bitch varsity team captain

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