Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bitch Tip #2: Facial Whitening Creams for the Underarms

I've always known they had to be good for something ELSE.

With all the Filipino obsession for fair skin, my four-woman household gave in to the curse and bought lots and lots of products in the Pond's whitening products range. I don't use whitening products for my skin because I'm already fair skinned (better use sunblock!) and I don't wanna look like those kids in Twilight.

So yeah, this is what I do: I use the Pond's whitening facial wash and creams FOR MY UNDERARMS. When I have more time, I also use them for my elbows and knees for that white-all-over look. And when I wear sleeveless, it's just...pretty. :)

Bonus: Such products are also designed to make your skin more supple so when you tweez or wax, the hair comes off more easily and pain is lessened.

lots of love and beauty,

♥bitch varsity♥


jesa said...

is it realy work? i have a tanned skin, not so dark, but i think it's hot..

bitchvarsity said...

it does! it works wonders. It's how i keep my underarms white. more upkeep since I'm really fair skinned and dark underarms will show.