Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bitch Tip #4: Save Up on Manicure Touch Ups

Seriously, the cheapest salon manicure I know costs P50 and the most expensive one (the basic one, not the one with nail art) costs P120. The thing with manicures is that they should always look perfect so you will be pressured to keep them up, or simply keep your nails looking natural.

If you are used to getting a manicure (especially with a colored nail polish on) it’s difficult to get by with naked nails. Plus, there's the pressure brewing if you go to a place where all the female members have manicure-maintained nails. (An expensive college? A bank executives floor?)

My advice: get a manicure set and do it at home. This helps you spend time with yourself, away from chores and work, lets you save, and most of all, you can pick the exact color that you want. If you don’t want that, get a basic manicure session, skip the color and do with colorless polish.

Bitch Varsity's Exclusives: My signature nail color is a sweep of glitters (one coat)and pink translucent polish (two coats). It looks just timid, classy, unique and healthy. Get your own signature color too! :)


pamela said...

love your signature color. i tried that shade before. dli bagay. para sa 'yo tlaga karl.

pwede mag pa puti? whahaha

Anonymous said...

haha i can't relate...

but my dorm buddies are addicted to "do-it-yourself" manicure and pedicure.

almost everyday sila nagachange ng color hehe

bitchvarsity said...

@pam: pang party sya na shade.hehe pero it's demure enough for daytime.

@breathingfreak: oops tell your dorm buddies to moisturize her nails! hehehe

DIY mani-pedi with soothing music as background is heaven ♥