Saturday, October 3, 2009

10 Ways to Pamper Yourself for P200 or Less

So I was alone this afternoon, and I had money to spare. Actually, I had more than P200 but I wanted to bring home food and ice cream so I kept my "pampering" budget at that. The ending? I didn't really UNDERGO any form of pampering aside from window shopping (because it was absolutely a by-product) but along the way, I thought of ten genius ways to be pampered for P200 or less.

1. Get a foot spa at a cheap salon. I am pretty sure there are foot spas which cost only P200, you can stroll around the AdDU college campus and I'm sure you'll find one. Getting a foot spa means ending up with pretty feet and that's really heartwarming. A foot massage also sounds just as divine.

2. Buy Hershey's kisses and eat them all up by yourself. WARNING: This is pretty embarrassing so I advise you do all the pigging out at home. Well, it's chocolate. And chocolate is a basic human right. YUMYUMYUM.

3. Buy a lip gloss. It is amazing how much power a woman can have anytime of the day, anywhere she goes, when she has the right lip gloss on. Explore the bounds of this power and buy a lip gloss with a shade that compliments your skin tone. I recommend Nivea Caregloss & Shine (a little over P100), the Penshoppe lip gloss palette (P129) and Ever Bilena lip gloss in shade 07 (P75---a steal!)

4. Buy the latest issue of your favorite magazine and read it cover to cover. Magazines are usually filled with words which encourage you to become a better version of yourself in the most important aspects of life (aka 3Bs): beauty, business and booty. I'm a fan of Marie Claire (filled with intelligent reads) and Cosmopolitan (foxy foxy foxy).

5. Watch a feel good movie. Hit the cinemas. I'm sure you'll find one movie there that you seriously wanted to watch, it's just that you have no one to watch it with. Well, why bother, when you can down the whole tub of popcorn all by yourself? LOL. At least you don't have to explain the sticky parts of the plot to someone who's a empty upstairs.

6. Hit the flea market. Well the flea market is a tricky place. You don't really find the things you need there, but you find things that you like, and you end up buying them anyway. Most of these things are just pretty-at-the-moment and after a few days, you will wonder why you bought them in the first place. Sigh. But going to flea markets and knowing your cash can stretch farther is therapy in itself, isn't it?

7. Go to the arcade and play all the games you're dying to play! Just knock yourself out. Personally, I think the arcade is a great stress-reliever. Everything is bright and happy-tuned and it is filled with goodies! Timezone is my home away from home.

8. Go to the gym. The upscale gyms have a one-time fee, which range from P100 to P200. Exercise is good for your body, enough said. Besides, you could use the extra endorphins. Lastly, you might bump into a buffed cutie there, right? *wink

9. Buy flowers. Everytime I think of flowers, I instantly smile. They just radiate a big portion of the world's quota for beauty and therefore they have the power to make anyone smile and feel better with just the sight of them. I ♥ gerbera, long stemmed deep red roses, two-toned mums and orchids. Mixed flowers bouquets are love!

10. Have a street food buffet! Eat the streets out! LOL! For once, neglect the oil, salt, grease and even smoke! Street food is cheap and yummy! Come on, don't be a killjoy. With P200, you can even treat your whole barkada to a kwek-kwek fest! :)

Now that I think about it, perhaps the reason why I ended up doing NOTHING among these ten is that I simply couldn't decide. :p So have you? Hit me back for other stellar ideas! ♥


LB said...

I absolutely LOVE it! Tomorrow I am going to buy myself the right color of lip gloss (women power!!) and some flowers to brighten my day!!

Would you mind if I put a link on my blog to this one? I think its great!!
here is a link to mine:

bitchvarsity said...

thanks LB! I'll link your blog too! :) ♥

Discreet Infidel said...

last weekend, my mom and i went to SM and she gave me 200 bucks for me to buy anything i want. then i remembered this post. i bought my favorite magazine, FHM (two issues!:) lol

bitchvarsity said...

@discreet infidel; I'm glad you made the most out of your 200 bucks! :)

thanks for remembering bitch varsity! LOL