Monday, September 14, 2009

Other Uses for THE POKER FACE

I've recently mastered the art of displaying the POKER FACE. And I've found it to be heavily useful in other things, namely:

1. When Your Parents Scold You For Going Home Late
2. When You're Doing Flea Market Shopping (don't appear too eager!)
3. When Beggars Ask for Alms And You Don't Wanna Give 'Em A Slice of Your Hard Earned Cash
4. When Your Lover Arrives Home Very Late And Asks You What's For Dinner
5. When Your Good-For-Nothing Employee Asks For a Raise
6. When An Overly Excited Insurance/ Encyclopedia/ Condominium Salesman Approaches You
7. For Mugshots
8. For Wedding Photos Where You Hate the Bride/ Groom
9. When You're Seriously Blogging (he! he!)
10. When You're on a Bitter Blind Date (not that I've been on one..)
11. When an Angry-Looking Dog is Shooting You Eye Daggers
12. Bumping Into an Ex Who Used to be Good Looking
13. When Trying to Shut Down an Overly Chatty Manicurista
14. When Your Pedophile Professor Winks at Your for the Nth Time

and lastly,

15. The Morning You Wake Up And Realize You've Turned 40


El-ei said...

I used to do the number 13... Hehehe!

bitchvarsity said...

they're so annoying! lol. no tip for them. nah-ah :p