Monday, October 19, 2009

What Women Do Better Than Men

Disclaimer: I am an advocate for gender equality. Enough said.

1. Evolve. There are studies which are concerned with evolution and how we look which proved that, indeed, women evolve to be hotter. Researchers have noticed that the more attractive women deliver more children (16% more) than the less attractive ones and there more female children for these women. When these good looking girls grow up, they will also have more female children and this is a pattern we really can’t help.

2. Survive. In a study about car accidents, there is a 77% more likelihood for men to die than women. (Is this the reason why we always nag men about wearing the seatbelt?) Moreover, more women survive suicide attempts and more women also got to keep their jobs when the recession recently hit the world. The less affected industries were those which are female-dominated, like healthcare and education.

3. Live. Yeah boy, we don’t just survive, but we actually live longer. A whopping 85% of people who are more than 100 years old are women.

4. Graduate. Yes, we actually go through education until college and are more likely to finish it than men. In fact, even enrolment says that women top men in the education arena. Also, there are more men which stagnate in college. Bah!

5. Eat. A recent study conducted by the University of Minnesota just reveled that women eat healthier than men. While men usually think that red meat, beer and pizza will pump their malehood, women were eating fruits and vegetables to keep thin. Also, our only known guilty pleasure is eating chocolates, which are still healthy, by the way. Maybe this is also the reason why women have stronger immune systems, aside from our secret weapon which is estrogen. (BTW, Estrogen contributes to the strength of our bodies’ frontline defense against viruses and bacteria.)

6. Lead. Another psychological study revealed that women make better leaders because we are multitaskers, better mentors, great listeners and problem solvers. Is it the “mother instinct”? I have no idea. But we keep the income statements stellar! Which leads me to…

7. Invest. With over 100,000 portfolios studied, the investment returns that women get are higher than men’s by up to 18%. Perhaps this is because women are better decision makers…or the fashion, make up and wellness industries have just gotten bigger. (I don’t really mind!)

Violent reactions, anyone? Email me @ If you’re lucky, I won’t rebut you because I’m busy doing all the things that I do better than men.


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