Friday, October 30, 2009

Sailor Mercury for a Night!

So I attended a cosplay last night and boy, it was super fun!

I portrayed Sailor Mercury because our hair style is similar and incidentally, from 15 years back, I really adored her and gave her the status similar to angels and saints. I had stationery filled with Sailor Mercury, a Sailor Mercury body bag, Sailor Mercury bed sheets and I always cheered for Sailor Mercury during Sailor Soldier fights. Whew! :)

I realized that cosplay can be such a stress-reliever. Our cosplay was a company party, and since I work for a graphics design company, we had to be really visually appealing. So cosplay it is!

I posted my pictures in Facebook and a lot of my friends complimented me in my costume. I'm actually thinking of REALLY investing in a slammin' costume. So, what do you think? Sailor Mercury or no Sailor Mercury?

Chun Li is also a very strong runner-up. Lemme know what you think.

bitch varsity captain


Bam the Great said...

yeah, i'm back in blogspot beybeeeh! =))

bitchvarsity said...

i miss you too bru! ex links tayo? :P