Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why School Rocks (Louder than Employment!)

I’ve been away from school for only two months now. And I must say it isn’t an easy journey. I never believed my friends when they said that college, or school in general, was easier than work. I was always itching to get out of school. In fact, I studied at an early age, 2, thus, I finished college at 19. Even so, while I was in college, I considered taking up summer classes just so I can finish earlier. I was always ahead of everyone, in a rush, and then a bubble busted: I graduated and didn’t know what to do with my life.

I wrote for a dozen of websites and it kept my wallet fat during my senior year. I also did some gigs in the events industry and some small time online entrepreneurship. At first, I didn’t have problems with money. And then my nightmare arrived: my online projects waned, along with my events gigs and I didn’t find my online entrepreneurship as fun as before. So my funds kind of went down the drain. The panacea: a full time job.

It was for sheer need; and so here is a run-down of why school is still better and easier than employment. In the office…

1. You seriously cannot be late. In the office, the clock is a major stakeholder. If it says you’re late, you’re late. You can be reprimanded, suspended or gossiped about in the office. (Who does she think she is? She’s just new and now she’s always late?!) In school, there is a fifteen minute grace period for one to still get the chance to attend the class s/he paid for. And that grace period, I think just spurs out of the fact that you’re paying for the education, not merely for the anti-tardiness training.
2. You seriously cannot be absent everyday for six months straight. In our country, it is general rule that you have to report regularly for six months straight before you can call yourself a regular employee and enjoy the benefits of a regular employee (i.e. leaves, healthcare, etc.) So for six straight months, you have to report in your office. School gives you an allowance of at least ten absences for thrice a week classes, at least seven for twice a week classes and at least three for once a week classes. I think the reason for such time allowances is mentioned in number 1.
3. You seriously have to look credible ALL THE TIME. Whoever said wearing heels everyday was okay was lying. And I don’t care if I mean you, Paris Hilton, Mary Kate and Ashley. Heels hurt the feet. They make your legs breeding grounds for varicose veins and make your calves hurt. Moreover, the clothes which are classified under “office wear” or at least “smart casual” are not really the most comfortable clothes on the planet. At least, at school, a shirt and sneakers are considered decent. Then there’s make-up to haunt me! God gave me a face, I didn’t want another one! When I get home I always breathe a sigh of relief every time I get to wear my comfortable slippers, my loose clothes and my plain face again.
4. You seriously cannot be un-serious. In addition to looking credible all the time, you actually have to BE CREDIBLE all the time. In the office, I cannot say words like “LOL”, “Yeah”, “Uh-huh” and some words from the gay lingo I so love garnishing my daily conversations with. I almost cannot yawn, laugh or get a snack as often as I want to. Oh well.

So to the school kids out there, make the most out of your studies. Trust me, school is a walk in the park compared to employment. My advice to the fresh grads who are also struggling with their first job: choose a job which you truly love and believe in. Rewards are not all monetary.

(Hey school kids, I didn’t mean stay in the institution as long as you can! LOL.) So who says work is easier than school? Hit me back and I’ll hit you harder! Just kidding…


Anonymous said...

Fuck corporate world. School is prettier (insouciantly). :]

I think I remember you. We were still students and we had this random meeting with Ma'am Amy (Mindanao Times)along with other then student journalists.

bitchvarsity said...

YUP yup that'd be me! :) fuck corporate world yeah. so i struck the balance and worked in a school. hehe