Tuesday, June 30, 2009


When Facebook first hit the Philippine youth, I was all glum about it. I’ve been maintaining Friendster, a blog and Multiply, and I didn’t want to get into another social networking fiasco, like a lost underwear in a laundry bag full of dirty clothes.

But then again, one writing assignment got me into Facebook. My client wanted me to get in touch with him over there. I couldn’t get why he wanted that but I acquiesced anyway. So voila! I got a Facebook account.

At first, I was so busy stocking it with information and then I got tired. I let it sleep for awhile, just approve friend requests of friends I know, and then suddenly, my photos were stuffed. Turns out, photos of friends which have you in it are also uploaded in your profile. Coolness. Now I don’t have to upload. People can just do it for me. I poked around for more fun, and found poker. I told myself, “Finally, something worth Facebook-ing.” I climbed up the ranks pretty easily and my online poker career started there.

But I didn’t want to be unfair to Facebook. I knew it was so much more than poker. So I published some of my poetry there and updated on my friends’ walls. (Walls are like their corkboards. You can write or put up anything there and whatever you put up, it is understood to be intended for the one who owns the “wall”.) Then I started checking it out everyday. More and more friends added me up and the funny thing is that, most of these people are people I knew waaaay before, like elementary buddies. High school acquaintances in Cebu ask how I was and I knew they all saw my latest pictures.

I say I also enjoy looking at how they were..and I think this is what we do Facebook for. I got in touch with a friend I made during first grade. She used to be bullied because she had a birthmark on her forehead but now she’s turned out to be a really pretty girl. Actually pretty was an understatement! She looks like a model! I also discovered some handsome boys during elementary and high school who turned out to be not so handsome after all.

Then I came into a very profound realization: ugly ducklings and have-beens, that’s what Facebook is for. Facebook runs almost always on autopilot; even if you’re not updating, you will be updated because other people are always looking around. Facebook is a good avenue to catch up how everybody’s been, and notice that Facebooking (yes honey, it’s a verb now) will eventually define how you’d be feeling for the rest of the day. Frankly, I feel a lot better every after I Facebook. I’d see old friends who have been successful and old flames who turned out to be not worth my time. LOL.

All I can say is that Facebook is out to build more and more avenues for “catching up”. Ugly ducklings and have-beens, Facebook is for you. Then again, a friend asks, “What about those who aren’t either?” Well, they could just keel over and die a virtual death. Then we’ll all bury their ashes under a virtual rug and we could go on Facebooking without them.

So, are you known for something yet? Are YOU worth Facebooking?

Email me your silent violations via live_out_loud@ymail.com. I’ll get back to you when I’m not Facebooking.

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