Monday, June 22, 2009

Having No Degree and Rocking It

In my defense, I have a degree.

Okay, next topic.

Most third world nations are plagued with the apparent haste of globalization, the thicker competition for jobs and the number of kids who do not find traditional education attractive anymore. There are more bars newly erected than schools. Ever notice that before?

This alarms me. (And a few thousand parents out there.) In a country where putting AND KEEPING food on the table is of highest importance, a lot of people struggle to get a diploma, a degree, to at least assure them of employment after they graduate. Then they try to venture into the corporate world. Then there’s the food-on-the-table pressure. .

However, there are also a lot of jobs which do not really require a diploma, but can put food on the table. And expensive perfumes on the dresser! Here is a list of the things that you can try to plunge into in case you just want to earn.

1. Call Center.
First on the list, of course. Most call centers do not require a college diploma, as long as you’re good in English and you have problem-solving skills. Most call center companies also offer intensive training for their agents so even if you’re just armed with English, you will survive in this industry. Most call center companies offer an above rank-and-file rate for starters and that’s what makes it very attractive to most people nowadays.

2. Online Writing. I was almost self-supporting all throughout fourth year college because of online writing. There IS a lot of money in this industry. See, the web is the virtual mall nowadays. More and more businesses are investing on their online wings, therefore, online articles (GOOD stuff to read—a major come-on) sell high especially if you’re a skilled writer. My advice to writers out there—learn online writing first. It is waaaay different than writing in print. If you have been following my Wednesday column (Mindanao Times), I wrote about online writing a few weeks ago. Five stars for you if you read it.

3. ESL (English as Second Language) Teaching. Aside from call centers, there is also another baby industry growing. Actually it’s not so “baby“ anymore. More and more foreigners want to keep up with the English speaking world. I remember working in this industry three years ago. This industry pays a minimum of P50 per hour, that’s P400 for eight hours. Way above minimum wage, eh? And again, you don’t need a degree. Just learn English and ace the interview.

4. Digital Art. This is pretty tricky. Of course, you won’t really need a degree to master Adobe (all the Adobe in the world!) but you will spend sometime learning them—and a whole lot more-- before you master layouting, logo designing, web development, et cetera. This industry belongs more in the freelance arena; because there is more money there, if you know how to work your network. This industry also is bombarded with demands because companies nowadays stand neck-to-neck against each other in terms of marketing competition. They are more aggressive than ever. The bolder they go, the higher the impact. Arts and sales will scream louder than ever! Thanks to the corporate world.

It is also widely held that while such professions vomit a hefty paycheck, they do not offer a lot of opportunities to move forward and advance careers because they are more individually targeted and static rather than team targeted. And, if there really is moving forward, like up the corporate ladder, only a few people will benefit from it.

As this article ends, I still haven’t decided if a degree is unnecessary nowadays. But yearbooks are always fun to look at a few years from now. So there. Haha.

Email me your thoughts……but right after you finish your homework. Because as what I’ve said, in my defense, I have a degree. :)

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