Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How to be SUPERGIRL (And Not Lose Your Head in the Process)

How to be Supergirl (and Not Lose Your Head in the Process)

Conjuring all the courage I’ve picked up from everywhere, I’m going to enumerate the things that have been filling my days. I am 19. I organize events for a bar regularly, and I am also an event manager by appointment. I have a full time job as an assistant to the Directress of a Montessori school. I write for Mindanao Times. I also write regularly for three different bosses—two from the Philippines and one from overseas. I own and manage an online gift shop. I am an alumni member of Mindanao’s best debate club—The Ateneo Debate Varsity. I am a member of the Young Davao Writers and The Davao Film Society (tentative name). I have a writing career, an events manager career, an entrepreneurial career and a poker career. I AM SUPERGIRL.

A lot of people are amazed at how I take care of my time and my engagements. The thing is, I’ve been so used to this packed life that I can’t imagine how to “declutter” my life anymore. (Not that my life is solely associated to clutter. . .) I am used to the pressure, all the running around, fiddling with my two phones, eating lunch in a box and retouching my makeup in a taxi cab. If you are living a life nearly similar as mine, it would be nice to remember a few tips.

1. Be organized. It’s a good thing technology has come up with organization tools! Cellular phones nowadays also carry calendars, reminder notes (with alarms!) and clocks with them. But even so, I recommend the use of a handy notebook and a pen to keep track of your days. At least notebooks never run out of battery; plus, there is something about paper that makes it look more convincing. And don’t forget to ALWAYS wear a watch.

2. Stay organized. A day before a heavily busy day, you will know that the next day is, well, a heavily busy day. So plan that day ahead. What I do is I mark my organizer by the hour and specify what I will be doing in that specific hour. This measure pressures you to stay on the right track and that every second counts. Because, when you are a Supergirl, it’s true..every second counts.

3. Prioritize. Know the gray areas of what’s important and not important. Then there’s the less important and the more important. This skill is the key to knowing which things are the things that you SHOULD be doing. Saves the Supergirl thinking of an excuse to tell to the person she’s about to turn down.

4. Indulge in little pleasures. Once in a while, stop and spend for none but yourself. By working too hard, you are also pushing your mental, physical and psychological abilities. You will need a time out. Whether it’s playing poker, getting a manicure or reading a the latest magazine, everyone deserves the right for some reward after working so hard. This keeps you from really losing your head and makes you feel more like a human being rather than an insensitive machine. Me? I treat myself to foot massages, reading chick literature and slowly sipping overpriced cappuccinos. THAT, or lechon.

Did I sound like what I do is very easy? I’m sure there are not a lot of girls who can do all these economical satire. Haha. So email me about your own version of Supergirl--- live_out_loud@ymail.com.

(Don’t worry, I love reading your emails no matter how busy I am. I sincerely believe fan mails are the next antioxidants.) :)

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