Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why Great Love Stories Happen in College (Part 1)

Why Great Love Stories Happen in College

If you’ve found that one person who completes you, who lights up your day and most of all, who promises to cherish you for the rest of his/her life, you might have met him/her during college. If you didn’t, I’m certain you’ve met someone who fit in the same profile when you were still in college. What’s with college?

In this article I will be discussing about why the college environment is most conducive for great love stories and of course, why you never noticed.

Maturity Spurs

When we were still in the process of choosing our college course, we were faced with the threat of changing the itinerary of our lives. Through this, we are pushed to think, act and behave maturely so as to make the best decision possible. This is the first form of forced maturity that we learn to wear as we approach college life.

As we go through college we are confronted with everyday social evils (e.g. an overconfident pal, monster profs, but-I-was-drunk! incidents, etc.). Through these evils, we become emotionally polished as individuals and then we keep on learning about life in such a short span of time. Love demands maturity and maturity is a free enterprise in college.

Your Heart is at its Prime

In line with being mature, great love stories happen in college because college shapes our personality in such a way that we reach a full circle, that which declares us “whole”. Notice that debut parties happen in college and it is at this point when a “girl” becomes a “woman”. And jeeringly, “boys” become “men” through informal rites such as losing their virginity or downing a liter of beer. Men and women are terms which connote wholeness.

When we feel whole, it is at this point when we are most willing to share our wholeness with another person. It is with such maturity that we become ready to give ourselves to a significant other. College, as a mosaic of emotional, social, mental and physical pressures, facilitates the achievement for such wholeness.

The Element of Definitive-ness

Moreover, college has a feel of “definitive-ness” in it. We are forced to look ahead, to know ahead and to move ahead. In college, we determine WHAT WE REALLY WANT. When we know what we REALLY WANT, we look for it. When we are in this level of certainty, it’s easy to weed out that one person whom we desire for reasons which we may or may not know.

(watch out for Part 2. This article is longer than a footspa and pedicure.)

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