Friday, September 12, 2008

When Numbers Hurt

How to Fight Aging Like a Wise Business Student
By: Brunx
Edited by: bitchvarsity

Many people do not know what to do the moment they see those wrinkles around their eyelids, those cursed age spots and even feel that aching sensation somewhere below their backs. People, the world over, fear this phenomenon of getting old; a sign of supposed great knowledge and wisdom is now nothing more than a mere numerological anomaly. And for us business students, numbers are not always good news.

Experts in various fields have been in and about the whole situation in trying to look for cures to this misguided notion of “age”. Products such as anti-aging creams that promise to bring back your youthful ray, different medications that swear they can make you five years younger have, indeed, gone a long way. Some even go as far as to opt for operation just to knock off a few years off their look.

Here are but some of the many ways on how to get a grip with your age (minus the overspending):

1. Shape up or Ship out!

Changing the way you feel on the outside is always most direct way! Many people think that just because you gain that belly, you age a decade more into your look. So work loving your PE class, forego the elevator use, or play outdoor sports with your clique for dozens of hearty work-outs! Plus, you could use some natural blush when the worksheets start to haunt you!

2. Change is always great!

Don’t settle for the same look you had for ages- no wonder you feel old! Play around with your look! This allows you to explore your flexibility in the many ways you can carry yourself. Go wild! Whatever you feel is holding you back in the way feel about yourself- do away with it and fast! Remember that the beauty of youth is also being unpredictable and original. The quicker you change those irritating drapes the sooner you’ll feel the change!

3. Hang out with the people YOU actually like.

Always think of it this way; there are people you have to hang out with, but never forget the people you want to either. After dealing with the not so fun people around you, give yourself time to vent! Hang out with your “old” high school friends, call a club buddy and hang out in a bar, you can even ring your neighbor next door and go to the nearest garden expo all night; anything to keep your mind away from being the “old” you!

4. Balance things out.

Whether it’s being with your friends, your latest Philo paper or your club’s next G.A., always keep things in the way you like to deal with them! It doesn’t mean that because you’re hurdling with 29 units this sem that you’re justified to forget to update your Multiply account or at least text your best friend good night. It’s all about time management. I know many people who are good at this---even when they don’t have management subjects!

5. Think positively- NUMBERS LIE!!!

Yes, don’t take it seriously! The one thing you need to remember (and maybe fear) is the word “stagnation”. Keep yourself busy and have fun doing it because it doesn’t really matter what they think- its all about you. Business students are always accused of taking their studies too seriously. Remember to have fun ALL THE TIME. And don’t forget to smile! Studies show that the mere act of curving your lips upward releases endorphins (a get-happy hormone) throughout your body. Trust me, it’s better than any drug in the world.

At the end of the day, you may predict market shifts or inflation. However, you really cannot predict every aging feature that’ll eventually come out. The fact is everyone gets old. It’s all about how you deal with the “problem” that makes you age a lot less faster!

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