Sunday, October 5, 2008

Why Great Love Stories Happen in College (Part 2)

A Wider Market

College is our social debut. We become exposed to different circles, mostly circles which feed our interests. If you study in a university, there are numerous clubs where you can entrench in. Moreover, there’s the everyday cycle of meeting A LOT of people at the same age bracket as yours. There’s the presence of irregular students, friends of friends, and even young and available professors! Basically, one gains a statistical advantage in the opening of a wider prospect pool for that one great love.

Perfect Timing

The normal college age bracket is 16-23 years old. If you examine this bracket, this is the point of your life when you have to be definitive of the decisions that you make about your life. It is the transitionary phase from dependence to independence. When we find significant others within this age bracket, we tend to align our futures with them. In effect, our love stories become as definitive as our chosen careers.

Say, when we have a lover at our junior year, we plan our senior year with that person factored in and when we reach senior year, we leave school in line with the plans of this lover. This is one of the reasons why a lot of couples who ended up in the altar met during college. Notice also that when married couples are asked where they met, when they answer “college”, people tend to understand why and don’t bother asking other questions.

College Celebrates YOU!

Remember when you were in high school you viewed college as a freer arena? Well it’s true. In college you can choose your schedule, wear-as-you-wish your clothes, your hair and your accessories. College offers avenues where you can practice AND exhibit your skills (speech, dance, music, literary, etc.). College also trains you to become what profession you intend to take. All of these things define you as a person. And college, as an institution, celebrates the heart of every person.

When YOU are being celebrated for being YOU, you become more confident about who you are. You tend to be at your best, and you are willing to showcase your being. When you are at your best, you are easy to love. When two “bests” find each other and cherish each other, anybody can bet they can last forever…or at least half of it. LOL.

Have you found your own great love story? Go to college and tell me about it.

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