Monday, September 1, 2008

Fun and Straight!

So I straightened my hair. Big deal.

It's my first time to have my hair relaxed, because I always believed that women with straight hair are boring. (It has a lot to do with the its ease, organization and cruise-through texture.) I always regarded women with wavy or curly hair as women with a spunky attitude and spontaneity.

Yesterday, I went to Bunawan for my Theology community immersion. We rode a jeepney back and forth, and when the day ended, my hair needed a rake for a comb. I went to a nearby salon to get a hot oil (and shampoo). When I got there, I felt the urge to be more adventurous and decided to get a Hair Relax. The result was good. When I left the salon, I was a different person.

Not really.

The new hair is good, it takes less time to style. The only downside of getting your hair straightened is the 3-day-no-washing-of-hair-after-the-treatment thing. This morning, I was staring at myself in the mirror and thinking about the treatment. At first, I regretted it because I am now one of the women I used to describe as "no-fun". And then I realized, hey, I'm almost 19, I lived with so much fun, perhaps too much, that if I am no-fun now, the fun quota in my life will still be compensated! (Weird principle huh? LOL.)

But I'm not no-fun. And so are the other girls out there who have straight hair. Who you are is louder than what you say. Whatever empowers you, that's fun.


partyphile said...

hmm..speaking of hair and not being fun..

you should really listen to india.arie's song called " i am not my hair"

its pretty tells peopel how we should never judge based on appearance, because there is so much more to us than just that...

of course, ugly people love this...

bitchvarsity said...

@partyphile: OF COURSE. haha. there is so much more than the face. but the face still counts. period. haha.