Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some Basic Human Rights

Yesterday, I went on a date with a person I've taken for granted for quite sometime, myself.

I went to SM to do a favor for someone and I found myself craving for shredded corn. (They're yummy with butter and iodized salt.) I ordered two cups and walked around the mall in sheer buttery glory. Then suddenly, there it was. A literary mini Mecca..a book sale. I scurried over and found that the books on sale just cost 99php for two pieces! The best part? There were poetry books, film books and some classics and they were all BRAND NEW! Su-weet! :)

I spend about an hour sitting down, standing up, titling my head to the side to read the titles, examining summaries, spotting interesting covers, delineating fiction from non fiction, prose from poetry, and batting my lashes at the boy manning the cash register*, I finally made up my mind and picked up four books.
*of course, this part is fictional

One was about social climbing in England, the one about a hidden 13 year affair by Charles Dickens, one is a collection of funny anecdotes about a girl's relationship with her mom, and the last one is a story of a small town beauty queen who gets a dollop of culture shock in Manhattan. Everything fell under light reading except, of course, the Dickens expose.

Then I went to the food court to sit down, eager to have a closer look at my books (my babies!) and ordered a tad overpriced chocolate roll. It's actually a little over my daily budget but hey, CHOCOLATE IS A FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT, right?

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