Sunday, March 1, 2009

Said the Teenager to Her Parents

We know what to do, just let us be.

We are self-correcting. We go home when we're already too drunk and we know how many cups of coffee we need to finish that due-tomorrow-though-assigned-a-month-ago paper.

We are very concerned with fashion, so stop telling us what to wear and what not to wear. We've read too many articles about how to look good. They better pay off.

We are not very good with handling money, but then again, we are self-correcting. Eventually, we will learn to save, or not really, just have enough for enough.

We know what to do with our bodies. So unless it's cutting a limb off or selling our kidneys, please do not make a big deal out of it. (And stop asking how much my haircut or pedicure costs.)

It doesn't mean that because we idolize the once-innocent-now-slutty Disney stars we will eventually turn out to be like them. We (usually) know better. We idolize them because we can never be like them. If we can be like them then there's no use idolizing them, correct?

It doesn't mean that because we want to live away from you, we hate you. We just want to be independent.

You may question our values but don't judge us if you think they're wrong. For example, it doesn't automatically mean that because we're pro-live in, pro-abortion, agnostics, we're immoral. All those years in Catholic schools finally took their toll. Haha.

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