Friday, March 13, 2009

Got Time, Bitch?

While the floodgates of technology are still swung open, there are a lot of things at hand for the normal day-in-day-out career person (slash) all-around biatch. For most family-oriented *cough cough* people, there is the burden of juggling work, career, family and the other parts of one’s social life. What’s a Busybee supposed to do?

The answer is Time Management. If you ask just about any person whom you greatly admire for different diverse achievements, you may have asked him how he did it. Sure he’ll answer “time management”. Your initial response is a half-assured nod and then you wonder “What exactly is time management?”

Time management is simply the proper allocation of time for certain priorities. First, the priorities have to be arranged in a certain way where it is clustered into sectors and divided into a hierarchy. (Wow, big words.) For example, the important parts of your life are career, your son, your home, your art and your family. You have to know which one to drop first whenever you need to.

After that, you will need help from some time management tools designed to aid you in the correct process of prioritization AND remembering that order.

Quick-and-Easy Reminders

There are a lot of people who need more than one nudging to remember those little important things. If you are one of them, buy some quick-and-easy reminders. What’s good about technology is you can probably put a reminder just about everywhere! Cellular phones nowadays have built-in organizers, post-its are available in different variants and even the good old refrigerator door magnets have come in a lot of forms.

What is important is that the frequency of the reminding is now being increased. This is good for time management because it keeps you aware of the things which you have to do especially if they’re urgent.

The Organizer + Watch Tandem

I love this tandem. I've lived with this tandem for more than five years now. These are staples for just about every busybody; from the college beadle to the corporate leader. The organizer is something that holds your appointments and it’s also a tiny little space for some writing. Busybodies usually have contact numbers of random people they’ve met, gifts for a not-so-relevant birthday party that he has to go to or some sudden brilliant ideas which haunt them at night. For these and more, you will need an organizer. It has to be a little notebook, just enough to fit in a handbag, and should be made of durable material. This organizer is something that you are expected to bring with you every day.

Moreover, the perfect complement to an organizer is a high-quality watch. You may have experienced running late for an appointment just because your watch didn’t work well. What’s worse is that the person you’re meeting wouldn’t even believe you. This blunder can easily be avoided. Just get a high quality watch. Having a good sense of time is practically the first step in time management.

The Perfect I-am-Important Mindset

It’s pressuring to know that you have a lot of things in your hand and it seems like you can‘t even do anything about it. Don’t tip over.

Moreover, keep a “be on your toes” kind of mindset as you maneuver your way into your busy life. Sure, there are times when you distance yourself from your organizer; you hate yourself for being such a workaholic. It’s perfectly alright to feel some form of eternal urgency but take some time off once in a while. In your list of priorities, insert yourself in it. Remember that. Every bitch needs some me time once in a while. Go to the spa, watch the chick flick everybody smirks about but secretly love. Read a good book. Sip tea slowly. Sleep all day.
Ya know what they say. All work and no play. . .keeps the libido at bay. LOL. =)

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