Monday, February 23, 2009

In Defense of the Kikays

When I was still in my 5th grade, I was obsessed with the color pink. I loved anything that has a Barbie or a Sanrio tag with it. I loved everything furry and frilly. I had more skirts than jeans. And I have every shirt in a pastel hue. When I was in 6th grade, I experimented with nail polish. Then I started wearing it everyday during my first year in high school. Yes, I was one of them. I was “kikay”—and I still am.

For so long, the word “kikay” has negative connotations that haunt it. And since I’ve already admitted to be not just jumping in the bandwagon but driving it, I will defend my kind in this article. Brace yourself.

Oh We Are So Keen

Yes we are. The kikay is the one who is never caught dead wearing an outfit that doesn’t look very much “together”. And even when we overdress, we still tend to make our outfits look like something fresh from a fashion magazine-- visually overwhelming but not a disaster. We have our eyes set on the best accessories and when we put on make-up, we make sure that every square millimeter is covered. This keenness is something that we developed only because every day, we cater to every square millimeter of our favorite thing—our bodies. Our eyes can easily dart from one space to another, and we are also fast thinkers. (Imagine putting on a full outfit on hasty days!)


Most of us are also good with at least one form of art. Notice that most women poets have a casual flair for long, beaded necklaces and character-screaming bangles. Because of our love for details, art comes naturally to us. We are ready-made experts in color (Would this go with a green fedora?), shapes (Which haircut is best for my face?) and texture (Silk or satin?).

We are Not Dumb!

Of course. How else would we know the meaning of the words “exfoliate”, “rejuvenate” and “epidermis” if we never spent a lot of time in the toiletry section, watching the facial creams battle each other out? How else would we always remember how “follicle” is spelled if we didn’t spend time holding mental debates about hot and cold wax? See, we are not dumb. We are very industrious readers.

Before I choose a shampoo or a new facial wash, I read whatever is at its back and I reread it everytime I use that product. Moreover, we study a body system which all of you might deem negligible—the integumentary system. (Have you even heard about it?) For your benefit, it is the body system (just like the nervous and digestive systems) which covers our skin, follicles, glands, hair and nails. This system is our own holy land.


Lastly, the best thing about being kikay is our penchant for anything clean. We are the ones who usually couldn’t sleep at night if we don’t take a half-bath. We carry a sanitizer with us everywhere we go. We clean up our brushes, change the sheets and update our toiletry sets regularly. Our nails are always pristine. Our hair is always where it’s supposed to be. Don’t you just love us? Haha.

See? I doesn’t hurt to be kikay. So, are you one of us? Tell me about it—

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