Wednesday, January 28, 2009


let's get one thing straight:
you're ugly.
your face is the landfill
of an AIDS-laden
third world country.
your breath is the smog
on my windshield
your skin is a snake's
your body is the new planet
which Pluto envies--
a whirlwind of trash,
add a teaspoon of monstrosity
and a bucketful
of hopelessness.
and your forehead,
a helipad.
you are the surplus
of the surplus
of substandard pandesal
everytime I look at you
I feel like I don't have
enough middle fingers
and you actually look good
when I'm not looking.
you are a cuss word
I will never be able to say
though everything I say
that's profane
is a love letter
to you.
(that was not a request.)

-I wrote this coz it was fun. This is not inspired by anyone. haha.

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