Monday, January 19, 2009

Back in the Game

The thing about love is that it never gets too tiring, and it never gets old.
No matter how it wears your heart down,
how you swear you won't ever dip a toe in the pool,
you're back, plunging in it, taking in the stride.

The thing about love is that it changes you, moves your soul just a little bit and opens your eyes towards everything that you have to thank God for. It alters your beliefs and erases your education, writes over a brand new set of beliefs.

And even if it hurts so much you start trying to kill yourself, you lick your wounds, look for the next best thing, and before you know it, you're looking at another future heartache.

And you're back in the game, biatch.


Anonymous said...

now isn't that the truth?... damn love. lol. it makes us all masochists in some ways noh?? lol

Aux Zero said...

it's a never-ending cycle. oh the redundancy..

bitchvarsity said...

@mynewplayground: of course, masochists come in all sizes, shapes and colors. =)

bitchvarsity said...

@auxzero: hahaha. emo lagi ka.