Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cheating in a Rush

There are days when we are rushing to get out of the door and so we throw a lot of things in our body, praying that it will all turn out to be fashionably acceptable and erm, decent.
Actually, there are ways when we can cheat looking made-up when the truth is, wardrobe management is an alien idea to us.

1. Match your shoes with your bag. Have a fashionable bag and shoes in the same color by your side whenever you're in a hurry. If your bag matches your shoes, you will instantly look made up. It won't matter if your jeans are green and your shirt is purple. If your bag and shoes are both red, you'll look fine. I advise that the color of the shoes and the bag be neutral so they're sure to tone down whatever mayhem you got in our outfit going.

2. Wear a cool hat. This is most useful when you're having a bad hair day or if you forgot to tweeze your brows. It makes for a brave fashion statement and oftentimes, girls look awfully cute in them. It is also useful if you are not so confident about your choice in footwear or bottoms since a hat will drive the attention towards your face.

3. Go monochrome. The easiest way to steer clear of being a fashion disaster is to go monochrome. One color only. Zip. Nada. This way, it wouldn't matter if a tank top goes well with a skirt or jeans or shorts. As long as they're the same color, they're designed to "belong to family". At least you won't have to think which patterns match.

4. Back to basic. Have a ready stash of white tees, black tees, denim jeans and everyday shoes which are clean. They help in putting up a decent outfit during days when you've been ambushed by your friends for an instant shopping day or an on-the-spot date-me technique. It's also easier to experiment with accents (a big flower clip, a colorful scarf, gypsy necklaces, etc.) when you're wearing neutral-looking clothes.

I made this article for me. I dunno why I always fall under the waking-up-too-late-30-mins-left-to-leave-home spell. =)

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