Sunday, January 24, 2010


Everywhere we go, we are flooded with man made images, more commonly and collectively referred to as Graphics Design. We see them in the gigantic streetside billboards, in public service announcements, in job postings, even with graffiti. It's obvious this industry is getting bigger and bigger; as evidenced by numerous graphics design companies here in Davao city. (And why, yes, the rest of the world too.) And as the popularity and competition of this genre is getting thicker, will you let yourself become engulfed in the sea of pros?

So if you are interested in joining this industry but you don't know how to start from scratch, the best thing that you can do is to enroll yourself in a short course about graphics design and digital art in general.

Now if you want to the pro way, you've got to learn the it from the pros! Cube Pixels Design Studio is home to many awesome graphics designs--logos, web design, layout, name it. They offer a comprehensive Photoshop and Corel workshop for only P3,500 individually. If you get the package workshop (that's Photoshop + Corel) you can avail it for only P6,000.

And what's more, you can have your schedule's say! You can choose from an everyday schedule, a biweekly or a triweekly arrangement. Still in school? No problem! Have a full time job? No problem! The sessions only last an hour or so, every 6pm. You will be starting your course with theoretical discussions on Basic Graphics Design (with the usage of Photoshop and/or Corel) and then after a few sessions, you'll be clicking the mouse and creating your very own designs...of course with the guidance of your trainer/s.

Give their portfolio a look-see: And you will see how much you'll be getting out of your money's worth. Enroll now! :)

EMAIL ME FOR INQUIRIES/ DETAILS: or give them a ring-- 225.0362 :)

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