Friday, January 1, 2010

Bitch Varsity Captain's New Year's Resolutions

It's not like it's gonna resolve anything. Whatever.

1. Walk more. As I have very little time to exercise. (More excuses to go shopping! *happydance)

2. Get less professional manicures. Utterly useless and the good ones are expensive. Just keep the nails clean, short and buy a fabulous manicure set for at-home touch ups.

3. Focus on writing career. Beat (not meet!) deadlines, read books/ articles about writing (you can never write too well!), ditch underpaying clients, contribute more material for print publishing AND read more. Be more picky with projects.

4. Write poetry and become seriously seduced with it again.

5. Improve professionalism. Be on time, always look presentable, amp up charisma.

6. Reconnect with old friends. Cheezy but it's a feel-good thing.

7. Save every P10 coin I can find until it goes out of the circulation. What can i say? BWAHAHA.

8. Surf the net for useless stuff less often. And update this blog more often. (I told you, I'm going to focus on my writing career!)

9. Quit stressing about people you can't change. They'll die anyway. Be patient.


Bitch Varsity Captain


pamela said...

i love number 7. hahahahhaha.
you have my support. hahaha

bitchvarsity said...

thanks bai! hahaha ihatag sa ako ang imong P10 coins ha? :) mwah