Monday, August 31, 2009

Who do I love? Katy Perry!

Katy Perry is an outstanding new artist, like a refreshing cocktail in a sea of boring old drinks.

Her lyrics are either smart, feisty and heartfelt. With an easily distinguishable voice and doll-like appearance, it didn't take long for Katy Perry to rise up the music charts.

She took the world by the storm for the first time over "I Kissed a Girl" which talked about a girl kissing another girl for the first time and actually liking it. The song is naughty but very direct to the point. This song came in handy in the "gay fad", where TV shows like the L word, Queer as Folk and talks about Lindsay + Samantha Ronson, Portia + Ellen and some gay boyband members skyrocketed.

Kety Perry then surprises us with a ballad: Thinking of You. It is a sad love song with a very melodramatic music video.

What makes Katy Perry so distinct is her versatility. She flings from "I Kissed a Girl" (pop) to "Thinking of You" (mellow) to "Waking Up in Vegas" (party) and it doesn't look like she's doing a lot of effort doing so. Kudos to you Katy Perry.

And I'll be looking forward to greater music and more eyelash batting, biatch. :)

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