Sunday, May 10, 2009

what the bitch realized on a random day

1. When you're living on your salary, I mean, ACTUALLY LIVING on it, it's hard to splurge on make up. Especially make up.

2. Eventually, fondness will lead to routine and routine = need.

3. There is such a thing as an intelligent gambler. Statistics, anyone?

4. The loss of a long time job is more than heartbreaking. Like you won't care if all the whales and polar bears die right then and there.

5. Fidelity brings out the best in anyone. Fidelity in love, in your career, in your passion.

6. The job interview is one of the best battles you will ever fight in your life. You are with people whom you don't know and you don't care about. You are being nice to them and intimidating them at the same time (with your rapid-fire English or stellar resume). It's a roller coaster ride. Oh sure. In the end somebody's sure to puke. Haha.

7. I am so thankful somebody actually invented plain, dark denim jeans.

8. You should never squint or hunch your back again.

9. The standard three-meal day is overrated. (It's just wrong! Two big meals or four merienda-like ones do just perfect.)

10. If there's something that will never betray you, it's art.


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