Saturday, April 11, 2009

What Kids Do During Holy Week

For most of the kids, Holy Week is just another dragger. You know, malls and bars are closed, roads are quiet and if you don’t have any other hobby that doesn’t involve cable TV or Internet, you’d probably be better of sleeping. Hours creep slower and this Holy Week, the warm weather are challenging the shortest of tempers.

See, when you’re young, you always view holiday differently. Yes, no matter what kind of holidays they are. And holidays put one over the other mean just one thing---a break. Whether it’s a good break or not, I’ve come up with a few things noticed about how kids cope with bore-fest.

DVD Marathons

In your Friendster or Facebook profile, you don’t really need to say that you love watching movies or TV series. Because seriously, everybody loves watching movies and TV series. It’s just that, the kinds of movies and TV series that we prefer are different. When we’ve got a lot of time on our hands, that’s the time when we start watching ALL the movies we could have watched but missed due to midterm papers, dentist appointments or on-the-spot drinking sessions. Why do we do this? The truth is, we do this so we can have more things to talk about with our friends when the Holy Week is almost over. Hehe.

Book Marathon

Just the printed version of the DVD marathon. Refer to the intentions above.

Beach Hopping

Okay, maybe not really beach hopping but beach bumming. Living in a tropical paradise has its perks after all. When “going out of town” just means a 10 minute boat ride to the neighboring island with fabulous beaches, going out of town gets pretty tempting when placed before a string of work-free days. Besides, beaches always have their own way of being unconditionally loved by most teenagers. Like chicken gravy.

Some Cleansing

Supposedly, the Holy Week is designed for some soul cleansing, conscience knocking and meat avoidance. For teenagers this is also a good time to do some cleansing, electronic or otherwise. For one, I used up some of my time clearing up my e-mail inboxes and some online photo albums. It also is a good time to do some reflection on my schedule. Juggling 3 jobs and my lifestyle costing more than how it used to, I needed to seriously get my act together. So what I did was come up with a list of things I needed to do when the Holy Week bids goodbye and a written promise that I’m going to finish those duties. (Fingers crossed.)

The Holy Week has no plans of leaving yet, so if you’ve got more activities for me, as long as they’re legal and within the 8000 zip code, I might be game for it.

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