Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Men are insensitive. (giggles)

Funny anecdotes about men's usual lack for detail-minding and sensitivity (sometimes).

Shirt Change

Last week, I went out with a guy for a movie. We both wanted to enter the movie house just before the trailers start so we walked around the mall for awhile to target the movie schedules good. I wore a bright orange blouse. (So bright I looked like an early warning device.) After the movie, I told him I wanted to go to the CR. I changed into a blue-and-gray striped blouse and when I got back, HE DID NOT SAY ANYTHING! He did not even react. His face was like, normal. I rolled my eyes many times that day.

A Clueless YM Conversation

Bitchvarsity: My head is aching and my PC unit is screwing up. I might not be able to finish my work. Gawd!
Guy: Okay. Just buzz me when you're done.

Haha. Eh "Guy" can totally do my work for me. He's a writer too. And that time, I only needed 120 words more. However, it took very long for him to offer. Haha. It was a crazy experiment. But my headache was a killer too.

Did You Cut Your Hair?

I cut my hair once a month and the guy I'm going out with for almost a year doesn't realize 80% of the time. Also, when he thinks there's something "different with the way I look", he assumes it's the earrings. Naivete at its finest.

"Why do you like shopping so much?"

Irrelevant question. Zip.


pamela said...

i cant believe that guy.
yeah, maybe i can. hahahaa

bitchvarsity said...

hahaha. i don't mean to be bitter. it's adorable sometimes. =)

Aux Zero said...

got a tag por ya

Chonglee said...

i can totally relate to this...
so.. what else can I say but ..bitchy-ly agree!! :-)