Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Instant Pick-me-Uppers

1. Chocolate Mousse
When I was in Iloilo, participating at the most stressful tournament I ever had (I was sick and weak), Bruneson always wanted to eat Chocolate mousse everytime a day ends. I always brushed his request off my shoulder because it sounded pathetic. I mean, how can a sugarful dessert scoop me out of that dirt? I kept feeling worse each day. I got 2 rounds of full body massage and still I'm not feeling better. When we were at the Iloilo airport for our flight back to Davao, Ria bought a slice of Chocolate Mousse. I took one bite off, and man, it's like a wave crashed towards me, tipping me over, breaking me apart and bringing me back in one if I was whole from the start. It made me forget that my breakfast was inadequate. It made me feel good about coming back home. It made me realize that I have other chances of improving myself in other tournaments. From now on, I will be associating Chocolate mousse with positive stimuli. I hope you do to.

2. Uptown Girl
There's something so happy, inviting and relieving with this song. If you listen to it (the Westlife version), it shows traces of theatrics, the way the voices blend and how the words being used can easily paint images. Moreover, what I like about this song is that it talks about love/infatuation at its simplest sense, using the simplest words and expressions.

3. Wearing Super Light Blush On
Everytime I feel sick, I feel like I look like a mess even if I dip my head in conditioner. What I do to feel better is that I wear light blush on, a shade which blends perfectly with my skin. It's the classic no-make-up makeup, and it works everytime. People come up to me and say there's something that looks "pleasant" in my face but they can't really pinpoint which. When they finally give up, I just tell them I tweezed my brows. Neat, huh?

4. Hannah Montana
I just love this kid. A lot of people think Hannah Montana is a "shallow" show; it's satirical, tween-focused and West-hugging. With these in mind, it makes watching Hannah Montana (and loving her!) one of the easiest things in the world. Nonetheless, it's funny! The characters and circumstances are exaggerated, yes, and that's just the perfect break you need in a haste-driven world. Give it a try. I got two seasons down already.


anna katrina said...

Hannah Montana, seriously? Haha. My comfort show is Will and Grace. I've watched every episode more than twice na. =)

My tournament pick-me-upper would be a great cup of coffee. Ilo-Ilo was so stressful, I found myself looking for coffee in a bar. Haha. =)

bitchvarsity said...

i was used to tourneys having unlimited(or at least very accessible and cheap) coffee. =)

anna. drink bailey's then. hehe