Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Dissected Movie + Dinner Date


The movie's purpose is to know how smart your date is. If s/he picks a "mababaw" movie or an action movie, a love story, it's up to you to judge. It may either a.) reflect his/her real taste in movies or b.) reflect HOW S/HE WANTS YOU TO PERCEIVE HIM/HER. After you pick the movie, you also buy food. When buying food, you can judge if s/he's a healthy eater or not.

While you are watching the movie (1 1/2 hours on average), you can gauge if s/he's talkative or quiet and more importantly, if s/he understands the plot well. If s/he keeps on asking you questions, I suggest an IQ test. You can also gauge how comfortable s/he is with you by the way s/he laughs along or tells you about his/her little ideas/comments.

Lastly, the purpose of the movie is to make sure that you will have something to talk about during dinner.


While choosing which place to eat, you can gauge the likes(and dislikes) of your date. You may even predict his/her typical order there. Aside from that, you will also find out how high- or low-maintenance s/he is.

If your date is already comfortable with you, s/he will sit next to you in a four-seated square table. If s/he wants to know you more, s/he will sit across you. If it's the first date, most likely, s/he will sit across you.

This is the gala. During the dinner, you will get to know your date more. You can judge the if s/he has good manners (calling the waiter, not staying too long in the CR, saying sorry if s/he stepped on your toe). You will also find out what makes him/her tick. How? Well, it's sure that the first few minutes of your date will be devoted to discussing the movie. However, there will be sparks of interest somewhere, and then the talk will be taking detours.

What is important is that you enjoy yourself no matter what. After all, you've invested in it! However, if you feel like calling 911 everytime s/he starts talking, by all means, consider my IQ test suggestion. (Drug test is optional.)

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teLai08 said...

I'll keep this in mind when I get a movie and dinner date.:)