Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Best Investments I've Ever Made

If you remember, a few months (and about a hundred realizations) back, I talked about the best and the worthiest investment that you will ever make. I talked about how you should invest in your name, your reputation and the network that you work with. For me, I got to places with a clean name. It works the same way for everyone. Also, I remember screwing up on something a long time ago and my superior told me “your name will eventually catch up on you”. So since then, I learned how to be 100% professional and I got to take care of my name. Besides, we all know that people will always remember your mistake (and not your success) all the time, don’t they?

However, aside from a good and clean name, there are also other investments that I’m happy I made. Here are the ones at the top of my head:

1. Eyeglasses – For four years, I’ve been running on a -3.00 grade. Yes, I’m nearsighted and it sucks. However, recently, I just found out that it has simmered down to -2.5 and I just changed glasses and contact lenses. It takes a long time to land with the perfect glasses and when I finally got it, I took care of it like it’s my own child. (BTW, the perfect glasses are those which fit you well, look good on you and has powered UV shields.)

2. Dark skinny jeans – I never spent a lot on clothes…until I got across dark colored skinny jeans. You know the fashion mantra “when in doubt, wear jeans” right? Well that’s just about it. But for me, for one who wears jeans everyday, jeans are really investments. I bought one which costs only P350 at a tiangge just because it looked good on me. For less than three months, the pocket got ripped so I can’t put coins at the right pocket. FAIL. Now I make sure that I buy high quality jeans…and keep my waistline at 25 (or 26).

3. An All Around Phone – During my last birthday, I bought a chic new phone for myself. It was LG KS360, a really good looking, slide up QWERTY phone. It was like the ones you see on Gossip girl. However, as time passed by I realized that it wasn’t as fast as I wanted it to be, the camera is not as good and it hangs up everytime I wanted to type fast. (Sad, I know. QWERTY phone my *ss!) So I sold it off to buy a SE T700 phone, which is pretty much like everything I could ever want. It’s a mid range phone that’s slim, light, fast, has a high memory ceiling, a great camera with a flash and great sound. It’s the love of my life.

4. BB Cream – I will never get tired of talking about BB Creams. If you are not familiar with BB Creams they are like all-around bases, they work as a moisturizer, foundation, sunblock, concealer, anti aging cream and a treatment cream in one! I think it was Skin Food which released one of the first BB creams here in the Philippines (aside from Korean brands, since BB creams are such big hits in Korea) but I find Maybelline BB Cream just perfect for me.

5. Comfy Strapped Rubber Sandals – I have what my colleagues in school refer to as a “lounging job”. For them, it means a job that I love, which doesn’t pressure me, which requires me to work at my own pace, and yes, wearing whatever I desire to…as long as it’s decent. So for work, I am allowed to wear those strappy rubber sandals (which can often double as slippers). They can be pricey (Ipanema, Havaianas, Sanuk, etc.) but they’re really comfy and stylish. I can wear them everyday!

Aside from quality haircuts and a condominium, these are some relevant bits the things I spend for. (I’m still working on the condominium part, LOL!)

How about you? What are the things that you are willing to spend for? Email me at live_out_loud@ymail.com. :D

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